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Moonstone Healing Properties


Stone Name: Moonstone

Other Stone Name(s):
Star Moonstone

Stone Specifics:
Stone of Love and Eroticism
The Goddess Stone
Stone of New Beginnings

Keywords: Patience, New Beginnings, Birth,

Stone Color: Moonstones are milky-white or cream colored and have an iridescent quality. The moonstone's iridescence can be ivory, gray, peach, or blue.

Stone Origin: Moonstone has long been tied to the moon and lunar cycles. The Romans admired moonstone, as they believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon. Both the Romans and the Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar deities. Moonstones were found in jewelry in the ancients from India and the Celtic tribes of Europe. Moonstone was considered a powerful talisman often associated with fertility and childbirth.

Stone Properties: Moonstones are a stone of new beginnings, reminding us that there is always an opportunity for a fresh start. Moonstones encourages one to learn from their mistakes, while not fearing failure. Moonstones teach us the value of patience, and to wait for the “right time” rather than trying to force something to come to pass. Moonstones reminds us to go with the flow. Moonstone is an intuitive stone and helps get in touch with inner feelings. Moonstone can enhances one’s emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities and freedom of expression.

Magical Powers:
~ Enhances Intuition
~ Aids Dancers and Artists in self expression
~ Helps Educators in sharing
~ Promotes sensitivity in pyschologists
~ Removes feelings of fear
~ Guards the family
~ Revives love
~ Favors all good undertakings
~ Promotes spiritual growth
~ Balances yin and yang
~ Moonstones are thought to assist with fertility
~ Moonstone are thought to be a lucky stone
~ Moonstone may alleviate nightmares and help improve sleep patterns.

Chakras: Sacral, Crown/Third-Eye

Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Element: Water, Wind

Mohs Hardness: 6 - 6.5

Location: Moonstones are found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Note: An Apache proverb says, “May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon gently restore you by night...and may you walk gently through the world, knowing its beauty all the days of your life.”

Composition: Sodium Potassium Aluminium Silicate

Moonstone Properties

Moonstone Healing Properties

Moonstones Meaning

Moonstone Healing Properties

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