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Citrine stone jewelry and accessories.

Stone of Manifestation / Happy Sunshine Stone / Success Stone /  Merchant's Stone / Citrina / Citron / Lemon Quartz 

Although it seems that Citrine was not as popular in ancient cultures as many other gemstones, it has been told of in history and lore for over 6,000 years.  It was used extensively during the first and second centuries in Greece as well as Rome.  It was used as a talisman against evil though, overindulgences, treachery, scandal and libel.

Magical Properties:
~ Purifies and strengthens one's will and center
~ Powerfully increases clarity of thought.
~ Imparts joy and optimism
~ Attracts prosperity.
~ Enhances one's imagination and creativity.
~ Supports manifestations of one's creative energy.
~ Helps maintain effort in time of difficulties.
~ Dispels heaviness and denseness of emotions.
~ Encourages proper metabolism.

Birthstone: Traditional Birthstone for the Month of November

Anniversary Stone: Anniversary stone for the 13th year.