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Amazonite Properties


Stone Name: Amazonite

Folk Name: 
Amazon Stone
Hope Stone

Stone Specifics: 
Stone of Harmony 
Stone of Soothing and Courage 
Stone of Success and Abundance

Keywords: Truth, Communication, Harmony, Expression, Balance, Inspiration, Universal Love, Peace

Stone Color: Green, Blue-Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, Multicolored or Opaque Blue

General: Amazonite dissipates negative energy and aggravation Amazonite has a mood balancing effect, it is relaxing and calms the body. Amazonite stones promote all forms of creativity, it is said to aid in speaking, acting, singing, writing, drawing and painting. Amazonite assists in visualizing both sides of a problem and points of view. Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviates worry and fear. Amazonite helps with concentration, it also helps with timeliness and meeting deadlines. Amazonite stones assists in gaining self-knowledge and in defining core beliefs and values. Amazonite assists with communicating true thoughts and feelings without being overly emotional. The Amazonite stone itself assists in manifesting universal love. 

Interesting: Amazonite is often thought of as a good luck charm.

Stone Origin: It is said that it was named for the Amazonite women of legend who worshiped the goddess Diana, for their bravery and calm courage. It is also said Amazonite was named after the Amazon River. It is said to have been found originally found on the Amazon River in Brazil. Amazonite can also found in Colorado, India, Madagascar, Namibia and Russia.

Magical Powers:
~ Promotes awareness and self examination
~ Assimilates peace with self and others
~ Stimulates open and truthful expressions
~ Beneficial to those overly concerned with opinions and judgment of others
~ Reduces the repression of thoughts and feelings
~ Assists in establishing appropriate boundaries
~ Nourishes cells and aids cellular regeneration
~ Protects against harmful, electromagnetic waves
~ Communicating higher truths or knowledge

Mohs Hardness: 6 - 6.5

Astrological Signs: Virgo Chakras: Heart (4th), Throat (5th)

Element: Wind, Water

Composition: Potassium Aluminum Silicate




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