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Snow Quartz Meaning

Snow Quartz

Stone Name: Snow Quartz

Other Stone Names
White Quartz
Milk Quartz
Milky Quartz
Moon Quartz
Arctic White Quartz
Pure White Quartz
Alabaster White Quartz
Glacier White Quartz
Frost White Quartz
White Quartz Rock

Stone Specifics:
Stone of Emotional Courage
Stone of Prosperity and Good Luck

Keywords: Purity, Innocence, Clarity, Gentle, Wonder, Prosperity, Grace

Stone Color: Snow quartz has a cloudy milky white appearance it can appear as an opaque white. Snow Quartz can have a waxy feel to it.

Stone Origin: Native Americans attributed the snow quartz to the full moon's of January and February also known as the Snow Moon.

Stone Properties: Snow Quartz reminds us to view the world through the eyes of a child. Snow Quartz encourages clarity of the mind and provides emotional stability. Snow Quartz can assist in controlling emotional outbursts. Snow Quartz reminds one to think before they speak. Snow Quartz teaches discretion, patience, and discernment in both personal and professional relationships. Snow Quartz attracts kindness, compassion, understanding and support. Snow Quartz enhances honesty, dignity, hope and faith.

Magical Powers:
~ Snow Quartz instills self-confidence and raises self-worth
~ Snow Quartz helps with memory recall
~ Snow Quartz encourages spiritual growth
~ Snow Quartz aid in accomplishing your tasks and completing projects. 
~ Snow Quartz can bring good luck and prosperity
~ Snow Quartz helps with concentration

Zodiac: Capricorn, Leo, Gemini

Chakras: Third-Eye, Crown

Element: Water

Mohs Hardness: 7

Location: Snow Quartz is found in Brazil, US, Mexico, Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Note: Snow Quartz is often found in gold mines or in close proximity to gold.

Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Snow Quartz Properties

Snow Quartz Stone Properties

Snow Quartz Stone Meaning

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