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Carnelian Properties


Stone Name: Carnelian

Other Names:
Canary Stone
Mecca Stone
Cornelian Stone
Pigeon’s Blood Agate

Stone Specifics:
Stone of Fortitude
Stone of One Love
Mecca Stone
Singer's Stone

Keywords: Love, Confidence, Purpose, Courage

Stone Color: Orange, Orange-Red, Brown, Reddish Orange, Reddish Brown,

Stone Origin: Ancient Egyptians carried carnelian on and about their bodies as a source of constant renewal and vitality. It was also told that in the Egyptian Book of the Dead that Carnelian was placed in tombs as “magic armor” for life after death, the stone was placed on mummies to assist the dead in their journey to the afterlife while architects to the pharaohs wore carnelian to denote rank and status. Artifacts using carnelian have been found dating back to the Bronze Age circa 1800 BC on the island of Crete. Carnelian was believed by the Romans to be a stone of courage, confidence and strength. Merchants often used Carnelian to craft ‘seal rings’ for royalty and the upper class. The ancients often believed that Carnelian was good for combating a bad temper, such as anger that was thought to be the product of black magic.

General: Carnelian is said to enhance passion, love, and desire. Carnelian stones helps one to trust their instincts. Carnelian stones may enhance self-esteem and creativity. Carnelian is thought to offer protection, and help prevent accidents.

Magical Powers:
~ Adds zest to life and heightens sexual energy
~ Helps break outdated and harmful physical habits
~ Encourages creativity and physical action
~ Dissipates tendency to procrastinate
~ Aids in overcoming negativity and self-doubt
~ Strengthens vital energies and confidence
~ Assist in manifesting one's dreams into reality
~ Facilitates detoxification of alcohol and drug

Elements: Fire

Chakras: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)

Mystical Birthstones: Carnelian is the ancient birthstone for the months of May, June, July and August.

Anniversary Stone: Anniversary Stone for the 17th Year

Zodiac: Virgo

Note: Carnelian is derived from the Latin word meaning horn.

Location: Carnelian can be found in the United States, Uruguay, Brazil, India, Siberia, Germany, Japan, Botswana, and Madagascar.

Mohs Hardness: 6.5-7

Carnelian Properties

Carnelian Meaning

Carnelian Stone Properties

Carnelian Meaning

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