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Fluorite Properties


Stone Name: Fluorite

Other Names for Stone Name: Fluorite, Fluorspar

Stone Specifics:
Stone of Discernment
Stone of Aptitude
Genius Stone

Keywords: Mental Enhancement, Clarity, Improved Decision Making, Truth, Consciousness, Intellect, Protection

Typical Stone Color: Rainbow, Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, Colourless, White, Blue-Green, Pink

General: Fluorite crystals are known for bringing clarity and enhancing mental abilities. Fluorite stones can increase concentration, self-confidence and can help with decision-making. Flourite encourages positivity, and improves both phycial and mental balance. Fluorite can help achieve goals and acquire new knowledge. Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information. Fluorite stones can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic or confusing situation. Fluorite can increase intuition and stabalize emotions, when involved in emotional situations. Fluorite helps release strong emotions in a healthy way. Fluorite can also absorb negative energies from the environment.

Magical Powers:
~ Assists in remedying confusion, instability and dishonesty
~ Brings structure and focus to incoherent thoughts or energies
~ Helps overcome fear of the future
~ Aids in "thinking through" one's feelings
~ Increases concentration
~ Helps in decision making

Stone Origin: The name fluorite comes from the Latin word flux which means flowing and mixing. Ancient Egytians used to carve scarabs, vases, and statues. Fluorite was also common in other ancient civilizations like Saxons, and Rome they would use fluorite to carve amulets, cups, dishes, and statues. In fact, it was said that Romans believed that drinking from fluorite cups would prevent intoxication. The ancient Chinese, felt that Fluorite offered protection from evil spirits, and its clusters were considered to be “dream makers.” 

Interesting: In 1852, George Gabriel Stokes discovered the ability of specimens of fluorite to produce a blue glow when illuminated with light, this resulted in the origination of the term "fluorescence" derived from the term fluorite.

Spirituality: harmony, balance, self-expression, 

Emotions: intuition, balance, confidence, dexterity, 

Mental: removes negativity, stress, concentration, 

Mohs Hardness: 4

Astrological Signs: Pisces, Capricorn

Element: Wind, Air, Water

Chakras: All

Composition: Calcium Fluoride / Calcium Fluorine

Where is Fluorite Found: Flourite is found in South Africa, China, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, Peru, Brazil, and Spain. Fluorite is also found in the US but rarely mined their due to the expense of processing.




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