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Chrysocolla stone jewelry and accessories.

Stone of Wisdom / Stone of Earth Energies / Stone of Communication

In ancient lore, the Egyptians called Chrysocolla the “Wise Stone of Conciliation” and reassurance throughout the world. As legend reports, those who wore this stone generally came up with clever compromises in all types of situation that outwardly appeared unbearable and impossible to negotiate.

Magical Powers:
~ Emanates soothing and calming energies
~ Assists in release of fear based emotions
~ Attunes one to the vibrations of the earth
~ Teaches the value of sound and silence
~ Encourages the sharing of one's true self
~ Governs the flow of energy and communication
~ Activates and cleanses the heart chakra so vocalization of loving
energies can be manifested
~ Opens the channel between one's higher consciousness and
verbal expression