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Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Smoky Quartz

Stone Name: Smoky Quartz

Other Names:
Cairngorm Stone
Colorado Diamond
Smoky Citrine
Smoky Topaz
Radium Diamond
Smokey Quartz
Cairngorm Quartz
Whiskey Quartz

Stone Specifics:
Stone of Grounded Cooperation
Stone of Power

Keywords: Focus, Grounding, Calm

Stone Color: Transparent or Clear with Black Veins, Clear with Black or Brown Stains, Muddy Translucense to Transparent, Gray

Stone Origin: In China during the 12th century, smoky quartz was used to make sunglasses and snuff bottles. The Romans and Sumerians used smoky quartz to make seals. During the Victorian Period, dark brown smoky quartz stones from the Mourne Mountains of Ireland were often used in mourning jewelry. Smoky quartz was also a power stone to the pagan Druids, they considered them to be sacred and used smoky quartz in their ceremonies and rituals. Scottish highlanders used smoky quartz on their shoulder brooches, kilt pins as well as in the handle of sgian-dubhs.

General: Smoky quartz is said be helpful in settling disagreements and bringing calm to an argument. Smoky quartz can dispel fear, lift depression, remove negativity, and calm anxiety. Smoky quartz stones can be helpful in warding off negative thinking or doubts. Smoky quartz can also help in keeping attention focused. Smoky quartz is both physically and spiritually grounding.

Magical Powers:
~ Turns negative energies into positive energies.
~ Brings emotional calmness
~ Relieves fear, jealousy, anger, and stress
~ Brings comfort, security, serenity, and relaxation
~ Enhances survival instincts
~ Protects against bad luck

Chakras: Root (1st)

Zodiac: Scorpio.

Note: Smoky quartz is the national gem of Scotland has been considered a sacred stone there for a long time, a belief dating back to the Druids. In Scotlandm Smoky Quartz is often called cairngorm because it was found in the Cairngorm Mountains. It is used there for jewelry and to decorate kilt pins and knife handles. On May 31, 1985, smoky quartz was designated as the “official state gem” of New Hampshire.

Location: Smoky Quartz is found in Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Scotland, Russia, Ukraine, and United States.

Mohs Hardness: 7

Smoky Quartz Properties

Smoky Quartz Properties

Smoky Quartz Stone Meanings

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