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Turquoise Stone Properties


Stone Name: Turquoise

Other Stone Names:
Oriental Turquoise

Stone Specifics:
Master Healer

Stone Color: Turquoise comes in a variety of blues from bright blue, turquoise, apple green, greenish-gray, sky blue, blue green, it can have veins of darker or lighter colors including brown, or black.

Keywords: Protection, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Wisdom, 
Purification, Strength, Balance

Stone Origin: Turquoise has been valued for over 7,000 years. Turquoise has an extremely long history of use by kings, shamans and warriors for protection and good fortune. The turquoise was sacred to Aztecs, Chinese, Egyptians, Incas, Native Americans and Persians. Beads made from turquoise in 5000 BC were found in Iraq. Ancient Egyptians mined turquoise rocks in Sinai as long ago as 3200 BC. Turquoise was used to adorn Tutankhamun's death mask. Additionally, Egyptions fashioned turquoise into a protective amulets for King Tut and Cleopatra.

Prehistoric Native Americans have been mining turquoise stones for about 1,000 years they used turquoise rocks and jewelry in ceremonies, they considered turquoise a sacred stone for healing. The Aztecs used turquoise gemstones in mosaic masks to represent the gods. The Aztecs used turquoise gemstones in ornate inlaid skulls, shields and statues to represent the power of Motezuma an Aztec ruler. Turquoise has also been discovered in the ceremonial masks and battle gear of the Aztec warriors. In the case of the ancients, it served as a bodyguard against invading marauders and other challenges of antiquity.

Turquoise is named for the French word 'Turkish". Turquoise became well known, thanks to the ancient trades routes of the Silk Road. Additionally, Turkish soldiers attached turquoise stone amulets to their horses' bridles and saddles, believing that the blue-green mineral rocks would make their horses sure-footed. According to Persian legend, the Turquoise was believed to bring good luck when it reflected the light of the new moon.

Stone Properties: Turquoise helps releases old thought patterns and embarrassments, that inhibit us from fully expressing thoughts. Turquoise lowers inhibitions for a more honest dialogue and clear communications. Turquoise helps both give and recieve forgiveness. Turquoise make it easier to let go of the need for retribution for past misdeeds and embrace a more compassionate nature. Turquoise helps with the release of regrets and encourages self-acceptance. Turquoise grants the wisdom to accept and embrace all aspects of one's nature, both positive and negative. Turquoise helps us recognize and respect we are part of a greater whole.

Magical Properties:
~ Turquoise encourages speaking from the heart
~ Turquoise guard travelers against loss, theft, falls and attacks.
~ Turquoise helps stabilize equilibrium
~ Turquoise helps investors make wise decisions
~ Turquoise helps writers get past a writer's block
~ Turquoise enhances the ability to connect heaven and earth

Chakras: Throat, Third-Eye

Element: Earth, Air, Fire

Mystical Birthstone: Turquoise is a traditional birthstones for people born during December. Turquoise is also the natural birthstone of people born in late March to mid April.

Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Mohs Hardness: 5-6

Note: The vibrant and distinctive colors of the Turquoise crystal stone adds a pop of color to decorative facades of holy sites, including the Taj Mahal in India. 

Location: Turquoise rocks are mined in Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Chile, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Mexico, the southwestern United States and Tanzania. 

Turquoise Stone Properties

Turquoise Properties

Turquoise Healing Properties

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