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Marble Zebra Jasper Properties

Marble Zebra Jasper

Stone Name: Marble Zebra Jasper

Stone Specifics:
Anti-Apathy Stone
Stone of Optimism
Destiny Stone

Other Names:
Zebra Marble
Zebra Stone
Zebra Agate
Zebra Rock
Black Zebra Jasper

Keywords: Energy, Creativity, Security, Motivation

Stone Color: Black and white colored banding streaks and stripes.

Stone Origin: Marble Zebra Jasper was first discovered in Kunnanurra, in Western Australia. Zebra Jasper is worn as a protective amulet by tribal priests. Jasper symbolizes will power, and in the Middle Ages it was known as the Warrior’s Stone. Legend states that it is the stone that adorned Siegfried’s Sword.

General: Marble Zebra Jasper is said to boost physical endurance and physical energy level. Marble Zebra Jasper can help with creative and imaginative thinking. Marble Zebra Jasper helps give a strong sense of security and stability. Marble Zebra Jasper can reduce fears and increases courage and determination. Zebra Jasper helps us overcome apathy and laziness. Marble Zebra Jasper stones can unveil hidden feelings and reflection. Marble Zebra Jasper is said to be an excellent stone for dream recall.

Magical Powers:
~ Increases sexual energy
~ Aids in stabilizing and healing
~ Helps maintain focus and restraint from dangerous desires
~ Useful in combating grief or depression
~ Balances energies and insures protection
~ Invigorates the liver and detoxifies the blood
~ Encourages the task completion and forward movement

Chakras: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd)

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Libra, Virgo

Birthstone: Mystical Birthstone for the Month of August

Mohs Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Location: Marble Zebra Jasper is found in Australia, Africa, Brazil, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Uruguay, Russia, Canada and USA.

Marble Zebra Jasper Properties

Marble Zebra Jasper Meaning

Marble Zebra Jasper Stones

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