My introduction to the world of crafting came when, in search of new hobbies, I took a metal smithing class in 2013. Seeking merely something else to do in the face of corporate captivity and an empty nest at home, I found a passion, and it wasn't long until I had made my first upcycled piece on my own and DejaVu Designs was born. Borrowed from a former love, my horse, the name DejaVu captures the blending of the old and new that DejaVu Designs strives to perpetuate.

Though the designs and crafting are primarily my own work, DejaVu Designs is a family affair, with my husband, Chris, instructing and assisting me on the use of daunting new power tools. My sons, Danny and Ricky, also contribute, suggesting the best technology and metal manipulating tools to use and informing me of fashion trends (their influence can be seen in my steampunk-inspired designs). 

All of our pieces are hand crafted in the United States. Located on the scenic South Shore, situated between bustling Boston, Massachusetts and idyllic Cape Cod, DejaVu Designs has an ideal, peaceful location where creativity can flourish. Whenever possible, we use locally sourced materials, both to reduce our negative impact on the environment and to support local merchants.

In addition to using local materials, the concepts for most of our products are heavily influenced by our desire to lessen our impact on the environment; the majority of our products are the result of upcycling, the process of recycling old materials into something of greater value or quality. Because so many of our designs are upcycled, each piece is handmade and unique.

DejaVu Designs Packaging / Gift Wrapping:

DejaVu Designs' collection of sea glass jewelry and accessories feature sea glass collected from Boston's scenic Harbor Islands and the rocky shores of Maine's Casco Bay. The pieces are understated and elegant, yet call to mind the whimsicality of a summer's day on the beach.

Regrettably, we do not offer gift wrapping at this time. However, you will find that we take significant care with our packaging and may be pleasantly surprised with the presentation. Because of the nature of our items and materials, we also cannot customize items.